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18 December, 2020 - 23:18 By Tony Quested

Maltese coup for CRFS

CRFS, the Cambridge-based global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation solutions, has completed a national spectrum management installation for the Malta Communications Authority (MCA).

It worked with local partner Tektraco Telecoms on the project. M­­CA wanted to find a way to manage national spectrum operations remotely and in an automated and proactive manner, rather than having to reactively investigate and respond to spectrum issues after they occur. 

MCA now has a system able to continuously monitor all national frequencies and alert the authority to the source of any unauthorised or illegal use which could impact legitimate services. 

As an island nation, Malta has to carefully consider seaborne interference, whether it is from transient vessels passing by or ships coming into dock. The CRFS system deployed allows MCA to extend monitoring well out to sea, helping them identify problems quickly and minimising disruption.

CRFS project lead, Malcolm Sellars, said: “Spectrum interference is a significant issue to national interests. Wireless communications are essential in the modern world, and interference means loss of service and loss of revenue for service operators. 

“Furthermore, interference can impact emergency services, airports and national infrastructure, potentially leading to loss of life. Getting this project right for MCA was an absolute priority and working alongside Tektraco we were able to deliver this vital capability for Malta and MCA.”

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