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16 June, 2015 - 13:32 By Kate Sweeney

Mayflower and TTP win second award for street lighting innovation

Mayflower mounted on street light

Internet of Things innovator Mayflower and The Technology Partnership (TTP) in Cambridge have won a second award for best application of IoT.

IDTechEx gave the 2014 US and 2015 European awards to Mayflower, part of SSE Enterprise Contracting, and its technical adviser TTP, for the UK deployment of a Zigbee wireless mesh, network‐based street light central management system (CMS).

There are currently 230,000 Mayflower nodes deployed to manage street lights, illuminated bollards and signs in the UK and Ireland.

The biggest installation in Hampshire has more than 125,000 Mayflower nodes and patented S6000 sockets fitted, with a further 20,000 to be installed over the next 12 months, making it the largest single operational street‐lighting CMS in the world. This has allowed Hampshire County Council to reduce CO2 emissions by around 4,000 tonnes, equivalent to 1,600 cars every year.

Patrick Mitchell, head of Mayflower, said: “The Mayflower team, in conjunction with our development partner TTP, continues to deliver tangible and relevant solutions for the lighting industry.

“Further applications to collect additional data useful to city managers are under development which further demonstrates our ambition to become a major contributor in the smart city space.”

TTP project manager Richard Sims added: “We are delighted to have received these two successive awards as they cement a fantastic partnership with Mayflower and recognise the real commercial potential of the Internet of Things.”

Dr Harry Zervos, principal analyst for IDTechEx, explained the significance of the partners’ efforts to accelerate the IoT infrastructure.
“This second award recognises the significance of the Mayflower/TTP collaboration in developing and deploying the largest street lighting central management system in the world.

“It's applications like this one that demonstrate that the Internet of Things is real and becoming part of the fabric of everyday life.”

• Photograph shows Mayflower mounted on street light

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