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28 August, 2019 - 10:12 By Tony Quested

Speechmatics adds grammar glamour to voice revolution

Speechmatics, the Cambridge-UK leader in machine learning and automatic speech recognition, has added grammar glamour to its technology offering.

The business has unveiled Advanced Punctuation – the first heavyweight, scaled-up punctuation model on the market for use in transcription.

With the Advanced Punctuation feature, Speechmatics can deliver highly accurate placement of full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks, as well as enhancing capitalisation. 

Advanced Punctuation has been trained on over 2.5 billion words using market-leading neural networks, transforming the readability of transcripts.

Nirel Gramage, manager, developer ecosystem, at Veritone, commented: “Advanced Punctuation enables us to capture the subtle, yet important parts of speech that have otherwise proved challenging. 

“The ability to distinguish pauses, sentences, enthusiasm and questions leads to more accurate metadata and better results, improving search and contextual understanding of the transcripts.”

Hewson Maxwell, head of technology development at Red Bee Media added: “Advanced Punctuation drastically improves the quality and readability of raw scripts, making them less time-consuming to edit.

“Punctuation beyond a full stop enriches the transcript and at Red Bee Media we are very excited about this new capability from Speechmatics.”

The Advanced Punctuation feature is available now in the cloud and on-premises, with all punctuation marks being included by default for Global English, Spanish, German and French.

Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics, said: “While accurate transcription of words is important, a block of text with no punctuation is limited in its use, and ease of use but the addition of punctuation transforms the usability of a transcript, allowing our customers to view the nuances of speech.”

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