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2 January, 2019 - 10:30 By Kate Sweeney

Third Light helps Sixt to drive productivity

Sixt, the world’s largest mobility fleet, is using Cambridge technology to boost its digital performance.

With more than 250,000 cars in over 105 countries and revenues of more than  €2.6 billion, Sixt has turned to Cambridge Research Park company Third Light to maximise the power of its proposition through enhanced digital media capability.

Francesco Ricci, SEO manager franchise for Sixt, said that in a business as large as Sixt, managing files, especially promotional media, could prove incredibly problematic. 

Before discovering Chorus, Third Light’s digital media library, Sixt had no central media asset database which meant they had no way to tag media and, as a result, no easy way to find it either. There was no automated way to search for the right image, graphic or video, and as files were stored in various locations, the manual effort involved would often take a long time. 

Third Light addressed many of the issues Sixt was experiencing. As well as the media library software being incredibly feature-rich, it specifically allows the user to pre-set image and graphic formats and sizes, saving huge amounts of time and effort when sourcing image elements for the website. 

It also provides easy, automated upload of images and other media from any device and any location, making light work of image transfer for the influencers working with Sixt. 

Third Light is a next-generation digital media library that empowers brands and organisations worldwide to manage all media files in one place.

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