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2 April, 2020 - 09:47 By Kate Sweeney

Transport company ‘drives’ fingerprint drug testing

Cambridgeshire company Explore Plant and Transport Solutions – one of the UK’s fastest-growing transport and plant hire services – is using Intelligent Fingerprinting’s testing method to help meet industry drug policy requirements.

As part of the company’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme accreditation, it must ensure that driving staff meet driver licence/medical requirements and are not impaired through drink, drugs or fatigue. 

Explore is using Cambridge-based Intelligent Fingerprinting’s test to detect drug use in around 10 minutes by collecting and analysing tiny traces of fingerprint sweat. 

The company’s HR executives have been trained to carry out the quick and easy tests in-house as needed. The system is being used for random monthly drug tests across the Little Barford company’s UK sites to help promote drug use abstention among its 300-strong workforce.

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