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3 March, 2021 - 20:48 By Tony Quested

UK and Germany calling for Sepura technology

A new network approval enables UK and German public safety organisations – including police, fire and ambulance users – to deploy nextgen CommsTech from Sepura in Cambridge to their fleet vehicles, control rooms and associated critical communications functions.

Sepura has developed the SCG22 to meet the needs of demanding users looking for a tough and powerful TETRA mobile that can be deployed in cars, trucks, trains, boats, on motorcycles or in control rooms as part of solutions that support operations with intelligent automated features.

The SCG22 mobile complements the SC20 and SC21 hand-portable radios, by extending the same powerful connectivity and functionality to a mobile radio. 

Combining advanced connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the SC Series enable fast access to mission critical data, adding value to the solution.
The Wi-Fi connection also supports the use of Over the Air Programming, enabling much quicker fleet programming and management, with much less impact on fleet administrators.

Sepura has made the process of upgrading to the new mobile radio as simple as possible, reducing the cost of deploying maintenance staff and taking vehicles out of service for extended periods. Many of the accessories and connecting cables from the SRG3900 can be reused, and the SCG22 fits the same mounting units.

Phil Woodley, Sepura’s Head of Products – Devices said: “The SCG22 is designed to support critical communications users in their everyday tasks. Having the same user interface and functionality as the hand portable models reduces training needs and risk of user error, while applications can be installed through Sepura AppSPACE to enhance the safety of users.”

The SC radios can be used as single points of data sharing for field officers, by connecting to additional devices or data sources and sharing information over the secure TETRA network.

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