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7 April, 2021 - 22:16 By Tony Quested

US Navy takes Cambridge Pixel radar technology

Radar pioneer Cambridge Pixel is supplying nextgen technology to the Naval Air Warfare Centre for the United States Navy’s AN/SYY-1 Shipboard Air Traffic Control Processing and Display System.

The AN/SYY-1 is the US Navy’s upgrade to the AN/TPX-42 system used for shipboard air traffic control. 

The new system will be deployed on all CVN-class aircraft carriers as well as on helicopter landing ships (LHA and LHD-class vessels).

Cambridge Pixel’s technology will be used to process radar returns, extract radar and IFF plots and display radar video from the primary and secondary radar video on all the ships. 

Engineers developing the AN/SYY-1 system in Maryland needed a radar acquisition card and supporting software that provided radar plot extraction, IFF plot extraction, radar distribution and scan conversion. 

David Johnson, CEO, Cambridge Pixel, said: “We have incorporated considerable flexibility into the radar interfacing and data processing modules which has allowed us to accommodate the needs of the AN/SYY-1 upgrade.”

Cambridge Pixel’s HPx-250 card is part of a family of radar acquisition and processing components that provide system integrators with a powerful toolkit to build server and client display systems. 

A wide variety of signal types and input voltages are supported on the card, allowing connection to a diverse range of commercial and military radar types including those from Furuno, Hensoldt, JRC, Koden, Raytheon, Sperry, Terma, as well as specialist military radars.

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