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11 April, 2012 - 16:03 By News Desk


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Founded in 1999 and listed on The London Stock Exchange (AIM: BGO) in 2005, the Bango Platform is deployed with the world's leading app stores.

Bango powers mobile payments around the globe for online stores such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft and other key operators. They use the Bango Platform to collect payments from tens of millions of customers.

Bango was the pioneer of mobile internet payments, partnering with leading operators to launch 'charge to bill' services and opening-up mobile payments to early adopters and major content publishers. As the smartphone revolution became increasingly prevalent, and app stores emerged as a primary distribution channel, Bango has become increasingly influential in the space.

Bango payment technology powers the global leaders. More major app stores have activated billing routes through the Bango Platform than any other carrier billing provider, and today Bango technology powers more app store carrier billing deployments than anyone else (Progressive Equity Research Limited ("PERL")).

Reaching a larger share of the people than ever, Bango has an addressable base of over 1.7bn. Only Bango processes carrier billing transactions across all four major US MNOs, representing more than 300m connected devices.

The Bango Platform is designed to ensure that payment can be collected for any content or service, sold from any internet enabled device, using any alternative payment method.

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