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24 April, 2013 - 09:06 By News Desk


Sarah Howell of Arecor

Arecor’s next-generation diabetes product pipeline represents exciting technology progress in the field of diabetes that will enable important new treatment regimens and offer greater control of blood glucose to patients, which is key to improving outcomes and quality of life. Its pipeline includes:

  • Proprietary formulations of insulin analogues that are ultra-rapid acting and more closely match a healthy body’s physiological response to blood glucose, leading to better blood glucose (sugar) control – currently a significant challenge
  • Highly concentrated rapid acting insulin optimised for the next generation of body-worn miniaturised delivery devices, including the artificial pancreas
  • Stable aqueous ready to use glucagon used in an emergency to treat severe hypoglycaemia and enabling future use in bi-hormonal artificial pancreas systems.

In September 2018 the company secured £6 million investment from new and existing backers for the clinical development of its speciality pharma portfolio of proprietary diabetes products.

The equity investment was led by UK institutional investors Calculus Capital, Downing Ventures, and Albion Capital with significant participation from Arecor’s existing backers. 

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