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1 January, 2015 - 21:35 By News Desk

Crescendo Biologics

Theodora Harold

Crescendo Biologics is developing innovative new medicines based on its best-in-class antibody fragment technology.

Crescendo’s Humabody™ approach is being applied to its in-house pipeline targeting dermatology and oncology indications and through strategic partnerships.

Made possible by the proprietary Crescendo Mouse, Humabodies™ bring the full power of transgenic mouse technology to antibody fragment development by providing in vivo maturation and fully-human sequence.

The company was founded around seminal IP generated at the Babraham Institute, the institute where the technologies behind Medarex and Abgenix were developed. The company has developed a robust platform for the discovery of Humabodies centred on the Crescendo Mouse which produces human heavy chain only antibodies in the absence of light chain ensuring high affinity and druggability.

Crescendo’s lead programme, CB307, stimulates local activation of tumour-specific T-cells, into the clinic.

Its management team has deep expertise in antibody discovery and development and the company is backed by blue-chip investors including Sofinnova Partners, Imperial Innovations, Astellas Venture Management and EMBL Ventures.

!n 2018 Crescendo raised $70 million in Series B financing. French investor Andera Partners and Chinese backer Quan Capital came fresh to the party. The Series B round was led by Andera Partners (formerly Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners) with Europe’s largest life science fund Biodiscovery V, and joined by Quan Capital with its leading life sciences fund, Quan Venture Fund I, and Crescendo’s existing investors Sofinnova Partners, IP Group, EMBL and Takeda Ventures. 

Crescendo’s strategy is to build a pipeline of valuable new therapeutics through in-house development and strategic partnerships that leverage the advantages of Humabody™ technology. Its pipeline includes Humabody programmes targeting dermatology and oncology indications.

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