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19 February, 2022 - 14:21 By Tony Quested

Cambridge GaN Devices

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) was created to explore and develop a number of unique opportunities in power electronics made possible by the team’s proprietary application of Gallium Nitride to the silicon-based semiconductor transistor manufacturing process. 

With silicon transistors widely acknowledged as having attained maximum efficiency, CGD’s power design engineers have developed a range of Gallium Nitride transistors that are over 100 times faster, lose 5–10 times less power and are four times smaller than existing silicon equivalents. 

CGD raised $9.5m Series A funding in early 2021. The investment was co-led by IQ Capital, Parkwalk Advisors and BGF, and includes investment from Foresight Williams, Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet Capital, Cambridge Angels and Cambridge Capital Group. 

Job opportunities at Cambridge Gan Devices


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