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28 June, 2017 - 11:56 By News Desk

CMR Surgical

Cambridge Medical Robotics

Cambridge Medical Robotics is developing a next-gen universal robotic system for minimal access surgery. The company aims to make minimal access (keyhole) surgery universally accessible and affordable by significantly expanding the range of procedures that can be performed robotically. 

CMR is presently evaluating the ability of the Versius system to perform upper GI, gynaecological, colorectal and renal surgery in cadaveric trials.  The system has already demonstrated the ability to visualise and access all these surgical workspaces and to perform tissue manipulation, suturing, needle driving and electro-surgery. 

CMR has now built 20 proprietary robotic arms, built and tested nine different variants of its fully articulated 5mm instruments, and conducted 11 usability studies; to date the Versius system has been used by 32 surgeons.

Global annual revenues for robot-assisted minimal access surgery are presently approximately $4 billion and are anticipated to reach $20 billion by 2025 ('Industry Forecast, Accuray Research’).

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