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7 June, 2017 - 14:10 By News Desk


FiveAI aims to build the world’s most reliable autonomous vehicle software stack to solve the most difficult problem of all – delivering a solution that’s safe in complex urban environments, without any driver involvement. 

Early approaches have required highly-accurate dense 3D prior maps and localisation to solve this challenge: FiveAI is using stronger AI, so it does not need to map vast kilometres of road across the planet to deliver a reliable solution.

In 2017 FiveAI clinched a cash haul of almost £27 million through a mix of Series A equity finance and a grant from the UK government.

Lakestar Capital led the £14m Series A round. Existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners, Notion Capital and Kindred – also participated. The Government chipped in a further £12.8m.

FiveAI targeted 2019 to launch a supervised trial of a pilot fleet of autonomous vehicles on London roads. The trial will show that the technology is now sufficiently mature to be safe in urban environments and sufficiently intelligent to co-exist with human drivers, road users and pedestrians.

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