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20 February, 2022 - 20:07 By Tony Quested

Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum is creating high-performance, single-photon technologies that will predicate the future of quantum information processing. The scalable hardware and the interconnecting fabric: quantum photonics is an essential part of our quantum future. 

Photons are the only flying qubit known. By manipulating single photons, it is possible to harness their quantum-mechanical properties to enable secure and scalable quantum information processing.

Nu Quantum has secured £3.6 million in government grants and in September 2020 raised a £2.1m seed round led by Amadeus Capital Partners in Cambridge. 

In April 2021 Nu Quantum appointed high profile chair and non executive director – Dr Hemant Mardia as the company prepares to launch its first commercial product  – a quantum entropy generator for cryptography.

Job opportunities at Nu Quantum


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