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20 February, 2022 - 20:47 By Tony Quested


The world’s largest integrated quantum computing company – Quantinuum – was recently rolled out by Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum. 

The vision is to accelerate the development of quantum computing and innovation of quantum technologies in a platform agnostic manner to deliver real-world quantum enabled solutions for some of the most intractable problems that classical computers have not been able to solve. Cambridge Quantum is a pioneer in quantum software, operating systems and cybersecurity. 

Established in 2014, Cambridge Quantum is a world-leading quantum computing software company with a wealth of scientists across offices in Cambridge UK, San Francisco, London and Tokyo. IBM became a strategic investor in the company in February 2020 after years of collaboration between Cambridge Quantum and IBM’s quantum computing team.

Cambridge Quantum combines expertise in quantum software, specifically a quantum development platform (t|ket⟩TM), enterprise applications in the area of quantum chemistry (EUMEN), quantum machine learning and quantum augmented cybersecurity (IronBridge).

Founder and CEO, Ilyas Khan, is also founding Chairman of The Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Leader in Residence at the Judge Business School where he was instrumental in the establishment of the highly regarded Accelerate Cambridge programme of investment in early stage Cambridge based technology sector companies.

Job opportunities at Quantinuum

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