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20 February, 2022 - 20:40 By Tony Quested


Qureight is a Cambridge company which uses cloud-based technology to assist in the structuring of image and paired clinical metadata in complex diseases. 

By structuring data in this way, they allow for the development of AI based tools to better understand diseases including lung fibrosis, complex cancers and covid-19. Clients using the Qureight platform include the drug companies Takeda, Galapagos and Roche.

The startup raised £1.5 million seed funding at the start of 2022 to deliver the next generation of its groundbreaking platform and capitalise on its vision to house the world’s largest collection of data from complex diseases.

Each Phase III pharmaceutical study in complex diseases can cost £200 million-plus. The company’s proprietary technology allows scientists to track disease progression and drug response in patients with complex diseases, developing unique digital biomarkers for use in clinical trials. This will significantly reduce the costs of bringing complex, life-saving drugs to market.

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