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23 April, 2019 - 12:38 By Kate Sweeney


SATAVIA has developed a patented software platform to make aviation smarter, and enablie customers to increase cost base efficiency and drive up profitability through more successful decision-making and risk analysis.

Aircraft operators, manufacturers and maintenance repair organisations increasingly share maintenance liability through ‘power-by-the-hour’ services for the lifetime of the aircraft. Aircraft-on-ground delays can cost upwards of £100 per minute for airline operators and unplanned maintenance costs the aviation industry billions each year.

SATAVIA offers quantitative intelligence on the global prevalence of atmospheric contaminants like dust, air pollution, sea salt, ice crystals and volcanic ash. Its products are driven by machine-learning to reduce and optimise maintenance costs and increase flight cycles between overhaul which reduces overall cost of ownership. It does this through identifying fleet maintenance risk, mitigating by intelligent scheduling, and optimising inspection and overhaul processes.

SATAVIA was founded by Dr Adam Durant in 2013 and he has since added world leaders in atmospheric science, artificial intelligence and data science to the team. The company has received £1.5m in grant funding since 2015 from Innovate UK, Aerospace Technology Institute, and the European Space Agency.

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