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10 April, 2012 - 21:22 By News Desk

Arcus Global

Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmqvist

Arcus Global was started by Lars Malmqvist and Denis Kaminskiy following their MBA at Cambridge. The enterprise started as a research project at Judge Business School in early 2009.

The business is focused on building cloud computing software and solutions for the public sector in the UK. In the short time that Arcus has existed, it has secured over 12 local councils, NHS trusts and central government organisations as clients.

Arcus delivered 10x revenue growth in 2010, upscaled its facilities three times and won business in open competition against multinational rivals. Against an austerity backdrop it is delivering savings worth tens of millions of pounds to public sector clients.

Arcus' Cloud-based products cover a diverse range of capabilities designed with the public sector and local government in mind. We built all products in partnership with our Clients, and standardised them as a service available to everyone. Arcus has a diverse range of 35 products and services available through the G-Cloud.

Business Applications PlatformArcus Building Control : Arcus Building Control is a fully featured Building Control application that is designed to support the complete work and management of the Building Control team. It includes comprehensive workflow, application creation wizards, reporting, a modern user interface and typically delivers a 50%+ saving on the full life costs of existing systems.Arcus Building Control offers a radical improvement over the current solutions. Our application was designed from the “ground-up” with usability and efficiency in mind in close partnership with the Building Control Team at Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.Arcus Building Control is one of several modules within the Arcus Environment Solution family. It is fully integrated to other modules of the Arcus Environment Platform and wider Enterprise Software, scheduled for deployment in early 2013. The platform will include Development Control, Licensing and Land Charges.

Standard Cloud Products

Integrated Best of Breed Approach: Arcus integrates and deploys most available Cloud applications ranging from E-mail, document management, CRM to specialist capabilities, such as public sector line of business systems and finance/HR applications. Arcus is in a unique position of being completely vendor agnostic, which gives clients the confidence of having the best application recommended for any environment or purpose. Arcus can integrate and configure any application to your requirements, and has experience in data migration and security challenges in the public sector including GCSX Code of Connection control compliance.

Supporting ProductsGoogle Apps Extension Pack: Arcus Global has performed implementations of Google Apps and e-mail solutions in several local authorities across the UK, and has excellent experience in making this cost effective and powerful application compliant with the regulations and requirements of a UK local authority. The company is creating modules that harness this experience and turn it into usable software, replicable across other organisations. Arcus has released arcusAttach as Beta software. arcusAttach allows you to send files (up to 25 mb in size) from your desktop using your Google Apps account by right-clicking the file and selecting arcusAttach from the Send To menu.

The Arcus Cloud Process Engine : This is a platform for developing agile process management applications on the Cloud. It has the capability of taking any process that could be represented using a standard flowchart and converting it into a user-friendly wizard-based interface and combining it with document management, collaboration, and management reporting features. Arcus Cloud Process Engine is fully customisable and is applicable to any process within an organisation. Designed with the public sector in mind, our application gives all of the necessary tools for a sustainable, auditable process control application. The tool is ideally suited for any area where a robust, yet flexible process is required, such as procurement, planning, legal and many others. The true power of the tool lies in being completely customisable, and its ability to take a standard process and automatically turn it in a fully working process management application. Arcus will provide all of the necessary training, knowledge transfer and support for the tool as required. The Arcus Global Process Engine has been used as the basis for e-Procura, a procurement support tool that enables NHS trusts to easily navigate the procurement requirements of the World Class Commissioning framework.

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