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16 April, 2013 - 13:50 By News Desk

Argon Design (acquired by Broadcom)

Argon Design is a technology and product development partner that develops technologies and products for Fortune 500 and FTSE100 brands, and SMEs. Argon aims to help its clients reduce time to market, reduce risk as well as aiming to lower the costs of development and production.

US semiconductor giant Broadcom Inc. acquired Argon Design in 2019 for an undisclosed sum. 

Argon was founded by technology entrepreneurs Alan Scott (pictured) and Steve Barlow. The duo have founded and built companies that have been successfully sold to international brands. They met several years ago when their businesses were developing technology for the first Orange media phone. Both recognised that they shared a passion for technology and for solving hard problems that deliver real value to clients. Ten years on, Argon Design was formed.

Argon Design's engineers have created hundreds of embedded product designs for a wide range of industries such as medical, bio-technology, military, aerospace, retail, computing and mobile, automotive, white goods, industrial control, image processing, image analysis and networking systems.

Argon’s founders were instrumental in creating one of the first smartphone platforms in 1999. This technology demonstrator for Orange was the first device to combine the functions of a high end PDA with a mobile phone; providing full duplex video conferencing, mobile internet browsing and email.

Inspired by this project, Steve Barlow, Argon Design's CTO, co-founded Alphamosaic in 2000, developing three generations of multi-media co-processors which were used in a range of mobile products by Samsung, Nokia and Apple. The key to the success of the Alphamosaic products was optimising the partitioning of the hardware and software functions to provide both low power and high performance. Argon Design continues this tradition, recognising that the correct partitioning of a system's architecture is essential to achieve optimum performance, power, cost and functionality.

Argon has an impressive track record in the development of handheld and mobile products, with recent projects extending its software experience still further to include Android (operating system porting, drivers and applications) and Apple iOS (applications and ‘under the hood’ performance analysis). 

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