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2 July, 2018 - 15:29 By News Desk


Activinsights specialises in lifestyle measurement to improve health & performance, designed exclusively for healthcare professionals & researchers.

Since 2008, it has been working with established global leaders in research and academia, leading the way in wrist-worn accelerometry.

GENEActiv is a lightweight, waterproof, wrist-worn accelerometer scientifically validated and suitable for numerous free-living & clinical trial applications. All GENEActiv actigraphy devices output raw data, while the leading technical design ensures reliability and complete peace of mind that you will get the data you need. GENEActiv wrist-worn accelerometers are the device of choice for studies at many of the world’s leading universities, hospitals and professional sports bodies. 

From stroke analysis in swimming through to sleep, biomechanics, recovery and injury prevention – a professional, scientifically validated wearable can give coaches, sports professionals and researchers valuable and actionable insights to deliver improved performance.

As a waterproof, wrist-worn device GENEActiv is ideal for sport science researchers investigating all aspects of daily life, including physical activity, sleep and performance monitoring in any age group.

The Activinsights Band is designed as a convenient lifestyle analysis tool and for longer-term interventions. It has wireless communications and runs up to a year with no charging required. The device embodies techniques based on established research to determine a wide range of everyday behaviours.

In 2018 Activinsights won a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.


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