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21 May, 2019 - 18:59 By Tony Quested

Agile Analog

Tim Ramsdale Agile Analog

In May 2019, Agile Analog – spearheaded by senior ex-Arm innovators – secured $5 million funding to expand its engineering team to serve a growing global customer base and transform the $2 billion analog IP market.

The Pre-A round attracted high profile backers in Delin Ventures, firstminute Capital and MMC Ventures.

Analog circuits are needed on every chip to interface between the real world and the digital world. From sensors to battery connections to data transmission, analog components are the hidden driving force behind our modern digital lives. 

Agile Analog’s AI-driven platform replaces an existing manual design process that has not fundamentally changed in 60 years. Former Arm engineering executive Tim Ramsdale is chief executive and Pete Hutton – Arm’s former president of product – is chair of the UK business.

Analog design, which is slow and manual is often the key bottleneck in chip design. Agile Analog says its solution removes this bottleneck, “giving customers exactly the type of component they want, on exactly the right semiconductor process, with industry leading quality.”

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