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18 April, 2019 - 23:24 By Jamie Quested

Alchemie Technology

Alchemie Technology

Alchemie Technology was founded by digital printing pioneer Dr Alan Hudd with the aim of delivering the next generation of digital manufacturing technologies to a range of industrial sectors. 

Dr Hudd played a key role in the delivery of digital manufacturing technologies to the ceramic tile sector, creating a new $1BN+ global industry in the digital decoration of ceramic tiles.

Alchemie works with clients worldwide and recently opened a digital manufacturing development facility in Cambridge to develop applications of its technology for clients in industries ranging from electronic materials to foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

It recently announced Alchemie Endeavour waterless smart dyeing process – a breakthrough manufacturing technology platform for on-demand digital dyeing of textiles. 

The technology delivers dramatic manufacturing cost reductions and profitability benefits. It also enables a step-change in the sustainability of textile dyeing: eliminating waste water emissions and reducing carbon footprint by over 80 per cent. 

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