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18 April, 2019 - 23:33 By Jamie Quested

ANB Sensors

ANB Sensors is developing the next generation of pH Sensors for oceanographic, source water and aquifer monitoring applications. It has developed a new reference system and sensing chemistry for our pHenomIII platform and are working on a novel reference techniques for Ion Selective Electrodes. 

ANB Sensors plans to pursue a wide range of markets, particularly the oceanographic, source water and aquifer monitoring markets. The company is currently developing new sensing chemistries and electronic systems to improve accuracy, stability and precision.

In May 2018, ANB Sensors secured funding to develop its pH sensing technology for Autonomous Under Water Vehicles (AUVs). The aim of the project is to research, develop, produce and demonstrate a prototype pH sensor utilising a novel self-calibration system on-board an AUV to a depth of 250 metres. 

ANB Sensors has teamed up with Blue Robotics – a Boston Based underwater vehicle manufacturer – to help develop the technology.

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