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22 June, 2017 - 00:12 By Kate Sweeney


Trevor Baglin Apcintex

ApcinteX Ltd is seeking to disrupt the $10 billion haemophilia market by developing a drug that can be used in all patients, regardless of the type of haemophilia.

This novel treatment is based on the work of Professor Jim Huntington (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research) and Dr Trevor Baglin (Cambridge University Hospitals), world-renowned experts in blood clotting disorders.

Apcintex has developed a new treatment that seeks to turn down the activity of a key natural anticoagulant pathway to produce normal blood clotting in patients with haemophilia. This means that the drug could potentially treat patients with all types of haemophilia, including those who develop antibodies to replacement factors.

Furthermore, the drug does not cause anti-clotting antibodies to form and could be administered fortnightly by simple injection under the skin.

In 2017 The University of Cambridge spin-out raised £14 million in a Series A funding round  led by Medicxi and Touchstone Innovations Group plc. Cambridge Enterprise, the University’s commercialisation arm helped in ApcinteX’s formation, licensing key intellectual property to the company and also invested in the Series A funding round.

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