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19 April, 2019 - 00:03 By Jamie Quested


BIOS founders Oliver Armitage and Emil Hewage

BIOS, the Cambridge UK neural engineering startup, closed $4.5 million in funding from top investors in the UK, Canada and Silicon Valley in December 2018.

Led by Real Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, and Ariel Poler, founder of the Human Augmentation syndicate on AngelList, this latest round of funding will enable BIOS to double its technical team, progress its core neural interface technology and expand access to its neural data tools.

Other world-class funds and angel investors backing this round include Endure Capital; Heuristic Capital Partners; K5 Ventures; and Charles Songhurst, former GM corporate strategy at Microsoft.

The company simultaneously launched its first international R & D office – in Montreal, Canada, which is acknowledged as a world-class AI talent hub.

Formerly known as Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS), the technology innovator was co-founded by computational neuroscientist Emil Hewage and bioengineer Oliver Armitage in 2015.

BIOS was founded to address the issue of limited functionality in medical devices and bionics, which leaves patients with a burden of manual management of their diseases, over medication, or no solution.

BIOS connects directly to the nervous system via its neural interfaces and uses AI to read and write onto the nervous system to deal with the root cause of many chronic conditions – faulty or damaged nerve signals. This can be anything from a failing organ to diabetes to limb loss to paralysis.

Alan MacIntosh, partner at Real Ventures, added: “BIOS has enormous potential to become the platform on which all future neural interfaces are built.”

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