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5 July, 2018 - 10:23 By Jamie Quested


Pavegen has developed smart flooring that harvests energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power. 

The company came up with the concept in 2009 while researching kinetic off-grid energy solutions in environments where low-carbon technologies like solar and wind are not practical. 

Pavegen tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations and work best where there is high footfall such as retail and transport hubs. The technology is integrated, discreetly, into the existing environment, underfoot.

The technology has evolved from a singular tile, which generates electricity from footsteps, to an entire array with three multi-functional component parts – data, floor and energy. Each tile is equipped with a data transmitter to capture wireless information from every footstep. Pavegen hopes this system will power the data-driven smart cities of tomorrow.

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