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8 May, 2019 - 14:05 By Tony Quested


Psyomics  Sabine Bahn

A Cambridge University spin-out, Psyomics is combining digital approaches with developments in biomarker technology to benefit those facing mental health challenges. 

The tools currently in development are targeted for both clinical and workplace settings, specifically designed to combat the respective mental health-related challenges faced within these environments. 

In the future, the business plans to expand its reach to provide personalised solutions for the wider community, building on what Cowell calls a granular approach to the many and varied problems of mental health.

The company’s work is funded and supported by Cambridge Enterprise, the commercial arm of the university, and a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission.

Psyomics has impressive co-founders in Professor Sabine Bahn and former Horizon Discovery ace Dan Cowell, who is CEO. Barnaby Perks, founding CEO of Ieso, is a non-executive director;  Anne Dobree of Cambridge Enterprise is current chair and Martin Glenn of Parkwalk Advisors is a non-executive director. 

Professor Bahn previously founded Psynova Neureotech, along with Cambridge University dontrepreneur Professor Chris Lowe, which was a subsidiary of Rules-Based Medicine – acquired for $80 million by Nasdaq-quoted Myriad Genetics Inc in 2011.

Psyomics is closing in on a  new seed round – not quite a Series A, according to Dan Cowell, which will give the Cambridge Science Park-based company ample runway to build on its current 10 headcount and scale engagement with clinicians, including GPs.

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