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6 March, 2022 - 19:02 By Tony Quested


Tenyks, a University of Cambridge spin-out focused on helping machine learning engineers build better, safer AI, raised a $3.4 million seed round in January 2022.

The startup’s platform helps machine learning engineers working with computer vision data build more reliable software, faster. Like a ‘doctor for AI’, it helps developers understand what's wrong with their algorithms, resolve issues, remove bias, boost model performance and enhance data quality.

Tenyks was co-founded by Botty Dimanov, Dmitry Kazhdan, and Maleakhi Wijaya. They’ve developed technology that provides insights for computer vision applications at an unprecedented granularity. 

Botty came up with a patent-pending invention that laid the foundations for Tenyks' technology while working on his PhD. Dmitry and Maleakhi then spent 2.5 years fleshing out the practical implications of the research as part of their PhD and Masters work and establishing the engineering scaffolding that could produce a reliable product. 

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