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The Killer 50

  • Mursla

    Tokyo Institute of Technology  spin-out, Mursla is developing a diagnostic device that leverages proprietary nanostructures to significantly... Read More


    Peter Baldwin has assembled a globally renowned team of experts with expertise in producing low power inference circuits and works with quoted businesses... Read More

  • Opus Materials Technologies

    In December 2017, Cambridge-based Opus Materials Technologies secured close to £1million in funding from Innovate UK to validate and test the... Read More

  • Intellegens

    Ben Pellegrini and Gareth Conduit

    Intellegens’ Alchemite™ artificial intelligence technology is the result of intensive research by CTO and co-founder Dr Gareth Conduit. Working at... Read More

  • Genestack

    Genestack in Cambridge

    Cambridge bio data management business Genestack has joined the Milner Therapeutics Institute – designed to create an ecosystem that fast tracks drug... Read More

  • Feedback Plc

    Dr Alastair Riddell

    Feedback’s products advance the work of radiologists, clinicians and medical researchers by improving workflows and giving unique insights into... Read More

  • Imagen

    Victor Christou

    Imagen is a Cambridge video content specialist whose clients include Formula One, The Premier League, World Tennis Association, BP and Reuters.... Read More

  • Healthera

    Quintus Liu Healthera

    Digital health technology business, Healthera connects patients to a platform of hundreds of pharmacies and NHS GPs, allowing them to order and track... Read More

  • PetMedix

    Dr Tom Weaver PetMedix

    PetMedix is applying 30 years of antibody research and the scientific work of two of its founders, Professor Allan Bradley and Dr Jolyon Martin, to... Read More

  • Phico Therapeutics

    Andrew Armour

    Phico Therapeutics in Cambridge, which is developing a novel platform technology as the basis of a new generation of antibiotics to overcome... Read More

  • PolyAI


    PolyAI’s platform for conversational artificial intelligence is at the cutting edge of deep learning and natural language processing. Its models use... Read More

  • Polysolar

    Polysolar glass bus shelter

    Polysolar’s solar PV glass is being hailed as the first truly transparent alternative for conventional architectural façade materials, generating... Read More

  • RedBite Solutions

    Dr Alex Wong

    In 2018 RedBite secured Innovate UK funding for a £1 million project to work with academia and enhance a new asset tracking technology to minimise... Read More

  • ROADMap

    Karl Heeks

    Spun out of Cambridge University’s engineering department in 2014, ROADMap is developing the next generation of wavelength selective switches (WSS)... Read More

  • RxCelerate

    David Grainger

    RxCelerate operates a unique model, allowing clients to outsource complete drug discovery and development programmes to a team of world-class drug... Read More


    SATAVIA has developed a patented software platform to make aviation smarter, and enablie customers to increase cost base efficiency and drive up... Read More

  • Scientific Digital Imaging plc (SDI)

    Ken Ford

    SDI designs and manufactures scientific and technology products for use by the life science, healthcare, astronomy, consumer manufacturing and art... Read More

  • Sorex Sensors


    Sorex Sensors is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Electrical Engineering and has developed a dual-mode film bulk acoustic... Read More

  • Sixfold Bioscience

    Zuzanna Brzosko of Sixfold Bioscience

    Sixfold Bioscience is developing nanoparticle-based drug delivery tools capable of delivering multiple drugs to individual cancer cells at the same... Read More


    David Holden-White and Graham Mills

    Cambridge startup secured £1 million in second round funding in December 2018 for its pioneering expert-finding and evaluating... Read More