The Killer 50

  • Darktrace ramps capability of its AI cyber defence technology

    darktrace, Cambridge, cyber attacks

    Darktrace, the Cambridge-based world leader in AI technology for cyber defence, has launched a highly-specced third version of its Enterprise Immune... Read More

  • Abcam extends cell model contract with Horizon

    horizon discovery, gene-editing, cambridge

    Cambridge life science neighbours Abcam and Horizon Discovery are to continue working together on a crucial antibody research project. Abcam has... Read More

  • Cambridge Medical Robotics

    Cambridge Medical Robotics

    Cambridge Medical Robotics is developing a next-gen universal robotic system for minimal access surgery. The company aims to make minimal access (... Read More

  • Checkit


    Checkit is an IoT-based digital solution that ensures compliance, delivers real-time control and saves staff time in food quality monitoring.... Read More

  • More ‘Killers’ on the loose in Cambridge Science and Tech cluster

    photorealism Robotae

    A new wave of AI and machine learning companies allied to a surging tide of activity in the hi-tech and Life Science sectors has brought fresh... Read More

  • PetaGene

    Vaughan Wittorff PetaGene

    Cambridge-based PetaGene software addresses challenges caused by growing volumes of genomics data.  Initially part of a project exploring new... Read More

  • Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

    Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander

    Manufacturer of the world’s largest aircraft, the Airlander, HAV is the continuation of 40 years of innovation and investment in lighter-than-air... Read More

  • Evonetix

    Evonetix McCook

    Cambridge Consultants spin-out, Evonetix aims to develop and commercialise a new approach to the synthesis of DNA to facilitate the fast-emerging... Read More

  • Focal Point Positioning

    Focal Point Positioning Ramsay

    Focal Point Positioning is a VC-backed start-up headquartered in Cambridge, UK. It was formed in 2015 by Dr Ramsey Faragher in order to solve a very... Read More

  • Vocalens


    A Cambridge University spin-out is aiming to transform the lives of people with visual impairment through wearable technology. Vocalens is being... Read More

  • Redux

    Redux tablet

    Redux® works with global manufacturers to deliver a new generation of devices to exploit the potential of panel audio and tactile feedback. Redux... Read More

  • AudioTelligence

    AudioTelligence Robert Swann

    AudioTelligence is a spin-out company from CEDAR Audio Ltd (for nearly 30 years the world leader in audio restoration, dialogue noise suppression and... Read More

  • Luminance

    Luminance Emily Foges

    Luminance is the market-leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal industry. Trained by legal experts, the revolutionary technology is... Read More

  • BeanIoT

    BeanIoT Andrew Holland

    BeanIoT is a Cambridge-based startup providing a powerful ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Internet of Things (IoT) solution fit for use across a range of sectors... Read More

  • Cambridge Graphene Ltd

    Cambridge Graphene Ltd

    Cambridge Graphene is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge’s Graphene Centre. It supplies proprietary Graphene inks and undertakes development... Read More

  • Avacta

    Avacta laboratory

    Avacta has developed Affimer® technology, an engineered alternative to antibodies. Based on a small protein, Affimer technology can be quickly... Read More

  • ApcinteX

    Trevor Baglin Apcintex

    ApcinteX Ltd is seeking to disrupt the $10 billion haemophilia market by developing a drug that can be used in all patients, regardless of the type... Read More

  • Z Factor

    Z Factor Jim Huntington

    This is a Cambridge University spin-out which in early May 2017 raised £7 million to discover new drugs to fight liver and lung disease caused by a... Read More

  • SuperX

    SuperX Trevor Baglin

    A new venture from the prolific life science entrepreneurs Trevor Baglin and Jim Huntington, SuperX was born earlier this year with $11 million... Read More


    Vishal Chatrath

    Startup is building an AI platform for autonomous decision-making.  Using pioneering techniques that combine reinforcement... Read More