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  • Evonetix granted European patent for novel gene assembly method

    Cambridge synthetic biology company Evonetix has strengthened its IP portfolio by earning a European patent covering its Binary Assembly method for... Read More

  • STORM Therapeutics funded to fight coronavirus diseases

    Cambridge University spin-out STORM Therapeutics has won an unspecified Biomedical Catalyst grant by Innovate UK to research and develop new drugs... Read More

  • French connection helps Cambridge Mechatronics in nextgen haptics play

    Cambridge Mechatronics (CML), and French company Interhaptics have agreed a strategic collaboration to bring a cutting-edge AR/VR haptics technology... Read More

  • Evonetix DNA IP boosted by European patent

    Evonetix, a Cambridge-based synthetic biology company, has won a significant patent approval in Europe. It covers the company’s proprietary thermal... Read More

  • GW parent company creates 100 jobs with new facility

    The marriage of Cambridge biotechnology with Irish nous and cash – allied to US visibility – are all evidenced in a major UK expansion for Nasdaq-... Read More

  • Arecor wins key US patent milestone for diabetes products

    Cambridge’s Arecor Therapeutics plc has won a key patent approval in the US as it turns its IP portfolio into a veritable pharma fortress. The... Read More

  • Alchemab and Medicines Discovery Catapult pioneer fresh advances

    Cambridge biotech Alchemab Therapeutics has extended a collaboration with Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) – a national facility enabling the UK’s... Read More

  • Adrestia Therapeutics

    Adrestia Therapeutics secured undisclosed Series A  investment from GSK in 2020 to progress technology designed to restore diseased cells by... Read More

  • Tenyks

    Tenyks, a University of Cambridge spin-out focused on helping machine learning engineers build better, safer AI, raised a $3.4 million seed round in... Read More

  • Treatt plc

    Treatt is a trusted natural extracts and ingredients manufacturer and supplier to the global beverage, flavour, fragrance and consumer goods markets... Read More

  • Quantinuum

    The world’s largest integrated quantum computing company – Quantinuum – was recently rolled out by Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum... Read More

  • Qureight

    Qureight is a Cambridge company which uses cloud-based technology to assist in the structuring of image and paired clinical metadata in complex... Read More

  • Porotech

    Porotech is a spin-out from the Cambridge Centre for Gallium Nitride in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of... Read More

  • Nu Quantum

    Nu Quantum is creating high-performance, single-photon technologies that will predicate the future of quantum information processing. The scalable... Read More

  • Mestag Therapeutics

    Founded in 2020, Mestag Therapeutics’ vision is to transform the lives of people affected by inflammatory disease and cancer, addressing unmet needs... Read More

  • IQGeo

    IQGeo delivers award-winning geospatial software solutions to telecoms and utility network operators from large multinationals to small regional... Read More

  • Eliem Therapeutics

    Eliem Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapies for neuronal excitability disorders to address... Read More

  • Cyted

    Cyted focuses on providing digital diagnostic infrastructure to drive the earlier detection of disease. Its technologies use artificial intelligence... Read More

  • Cambridge GaN Devices

    Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) was created to explore and develop a number of unique opportunities in power electronics made possible by the team’s... Read More

  • Apollo Therapeutics

    In 2021, portfolio-based biopharma venture Apollo Therapeutics announced it was  expanding its Cambridge UK and Boston US operations after... Read More