Ones to Watch

  • Consort Medical

    Consort Medical is an international medical devices company focused on developing and manufacturing disposable medical devices for drug delivery.... Read More

  • Controllis


    Controllis, a remote management system and DC power company, provides the most advanced and reliable telemetry and SCADA systems for remote-control... Read More

  • CorrosionRADAR

    CorrosionRADAR develops remote sensors for monitoring corrosion in oil & gas pipelines. The Cranfield University spin-out is addressing the well-... Read More

  • cr360 (acquired by UL)

    cr360 – formerly CRedit360 - provides companies with a 360-degree view of environmental, health and safety (EHS), compliance, energy and carbon,... Read More

  • CRFS

    crfs, cambridge, spectrum monitoring, real-time rf

    CRFS provides high performance cost-effective systems for collecting, analysing and managing massive spectrum data sets, enabling users to ‘see... Read More

  • Cronto (acquired by VASCO)

    Cronto Limited is a provider of secure visual transaction authentication solutions for online banking, based upon the patented CrontoSign Visual... Read More

  • CyanConnode

    cyanconnode, cambridge, internet of things, smart metering

    The AIM quoted UK business specialises in narrowband RF mesh networks for Omni Internet of Things communications. It increased revenues by 570 per... Read More

  • Cydar Limited

    Arguably the world’s first company using the power of the Cloud to deliver fully automated 3D overlays in the operating room – software that... Read More

  • DefiniGen

    definigen, stem cell, cambridge

    A leading provider of stem cell products, DefiniGEN is focused on serving the growing need in the pharmaceutical industry for more accurate... Read More

  • Discuva (acquired by Summit Therapeutics)

    Discuva is a drug discovery company focused on the creation of Next Generation targeted antimicrobials against new emerging and drug-resistant... Read More

  • Domainex


    Cambridge UK drug discovery specialist, Domainex, is demonstrating its expertise as a domain hunter in a cancer collaboration with UCB, the Belgian... Read More

  • Echion Technologies

    Echion Technologies recently spun out of the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department with the goal of commercialising a Li-ion battery... Read More

  • Eight19 Ltd


    Solar technology powerhouse Eight19 raised £1 million in November 2014 to accelerate rollout of the Cambridge company’s off-grid solar and energy... Read More

  • Elektron Technology

    Checkit sends alarms to PCs, tablets or smartphones if there is a problem with food temperature, fridge door status or humidity

    Elektron Technology, despite being an established public company, has not previously enjoyed the highest of profiles. It is one of the Cambridge... Read More

  • Ellutia


    UK-based Cambridge Scientific Instruments and its sister companies Advanced Chromatography Systems, from the USA and Unicam Chromatography, joined... Read More

  • Elpis BioMed

    Elpis specialises in creating ready-to-culture mature human cells for research which are used as models in science, drug discovery and toxicology.... Read More

  • Endomag

    Sentimag Endomag

    Endomag is developing a clinical platform that uses safe magnetic fields to power diagnostic and therapeutic devices, avoiding the safety, workflow... Read More

  • Entomics

    Entomics in Cambridge

    Entomics was set up in 2015 by a group of students from the University of Cambridge, with support from the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre’s... Read More

  • Enval

    Cambridge based Enval is a modern environmental services company, focused on providing specialist solutions and addressing environmental and... Read More

  • Equivital

    Equivital is a market leading brand for mobile human monitoring solutions and real world data services

    Equivital is a market leading brand for mobile human monitoring solutions and real world data services. The Equivital Core Technology Platform... Read More