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23 September, 2019 - 16:06 By Kate Sweeney

Arm tech to accelerate innovation for academia and research

Eric Hennenhoefer of Arm

Cambridge tech doyen Arm has strengthened its long-term commitment to academia and research through new and targeted technology.

In July it launched Arm Flexible Access which expands how partners can access and license Arm technology for semiconductor design. This engagement model is already enabling silicon design teams, empowering them with more freedom to experiment, evaluate and innovate by initiating projects and fully designing their SoCs before they license IP, paying only for what they use at production.

Now Eric Hennenhoefer, vice-president research, Arm, reveals that the company is building on this new engagement model with the introduction of Arm Flexible Access for Research. 

The new program will provide the academic research community with access to a wide range of cutting-edge IP without any fees or costs, using a simple click-through end-user licensing agreement, so providing accelerated access to Arm IP. 

Hennenhoefer said: “Through our dedicated Research Enablement and Collaboration team, Arm already provides access to IP and tools to enable innovative projects and establish collaborations with institutions around the world. 

“Additionally, the Arm University Program and Arm Education Media empower educators and students by offering resources to accelerate learning through market-leading education materials and technologies. 

“Building on this strong foundation of academic offerings, Arm Flexible Access for Research will give academic researchers even more freedom to experiment and explore the possibilities available with real-world, commercially proven IP.”

The IP available through Arm Flexible Access for Research has been carefully selected to be of the greatest use to academics and researchers with a wide range of research interests. 

It will include the majority of processors within the Arm Cortex-A, -R and -M families, along with access to complete RTL subsystems and tools which will open up new innovation opportunities for any research project.

Alongside the enhanced portfolio of IP and tools becoming available, it is also developing an online community, Arm Research SoC Labs, to help academic researchers share their designs and gain valuable peer feedback to help inform their research. 

As part of this vibrant, open-access design ecosystem, academic researchers will be able to increase the visibility of their projects and designs, and benefit from the work of other research teams around the world.

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