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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
28 November, 2019 - 13:58 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge University IP changes the world

Cambridge University is the UK’s second most successful university in terms of commercialising IP to create winning companies, according to a report from European VC investor Octopus Ventures. 

Only Queen’s in Belfast is rated higher in the Octopus study: ‘Research to Riches: Entrepreneurial Impact Ranking 2019.’

Arm and Abcam are picked out as exemplars in the Cambridge tech cluster; Cambridge and the UK academic institutions are world renowned – reflected in groundbreaking achievements such as the discovery of DNA, the jet engine and the world’s first electronic programmable computer. 

The UK ranks third with the number of PhDs it produces (behind USA and Germany) and third in the publication of academic papers – only trailing the US and China.

Octopus points out that while the UK has produced a host of successful uni spinouts, there are many unrealised opportunities that have been left in labs or got lost on their funding journey – worth potentially trillions to the UK economy. Cambridge University’s EIR score is given as 95.10 compared to the Queen’s rating of 112.31; Oxford is ninth on 72.54. 

The Entrepreneurial Impact Ranking is unique in having a sole focus on UK universities’ track record of success with spin-outs.

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