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25 October, 2017 - 14:02 By Kate Sweeney

Farmers ship tonnes more than a hill of beans!

ABP Port Ipswich beans

ABP’s Port of Ipswich has reported handling a record 12,000 tonne shipment of beans for its customer Glencore Agriculture UK, supporting local farmers and confirming its place as the UK’s number one agricultural export port.

Marking the largest ever shipment of animal feed beans to be exported by ABP in East Anglia, the product is being transported to the port city of Bari in Italy. 

The field beans, which are used as a protein source in cattle, pig and poultry diets, are travelling aboard the vessel MV Zealand Beatrix.

James Maw, Glencore Agriculture UK managing director, said: “The ability to make a timely early shipment of such scale through ABP’s Port of Ipswich has proved to be especially important for eastern counties growers.

“Completing a 12,000 tonne shipment brings essential economies of scale that can make UK beans attractive for global buyers that have a core demand for beans in their feed rations, compared to the cost of conventional 4,000 tonne carriers. 

“That has translated into better prices for East Anglian growers and helping to assure a viable return from the crop for farmers.”

In July this year the Port of Ipswich reported handling 40 per cent of UK barley exports, with 46,173 tonnes out of a total UK export tonnage of 113,000 tonnes passing through its facilities.

Ipswich’s status as the UK’s number one export port for agricultural products was also recently confirmed by the 2016 GB Port Freight statistics released by the Department for Transport in September – a record it has held since 2005.

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