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18 January, 2012 - 10:24 By News Desk

ARM at heart of Audi digital drive

Audi vehicle interior – digital instrumentation and navigation powered by NVIDIA.

Chips from ARM Holdings in Cambridge are helping to drive a digital revolution for global carmaker Audi.

They are literally the core in NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 mobile processor that powers in-vehicle infotainment systems.

They are now integral to the world’s first quad-core mobile processor designed to help Audi deliver safer, more intuitive driving across its full line-up of vehicles, starting in 2013.

Audi AG has chosen the NVIDIA Tegra® 3 processor for its in-vehicle infotainment systems as well as new digital instrument clusters that replace traditional dashboard gauges across its full range of vehicles worldwide.

Audi says the tight integration of these systems with the vehicle, as well as their simple user-interface and realistic graphics, will enable safer, more intuitive driving by providing critical information that can be easily understood with a quick glance.

Both the infotainment and the instrument-cluster systems will utilise ‘Visual Computing Modules’ (VCMs) powered by Tegra 3. VCMs are computer subsystems equipped with Tegra processors, memory and IO controllers, designed specifically for automotive applications.

By utilising VCMs, Audi can quickly and easily incorporate the newest Tegra visual computing technologies into their vehicles, enabling it to offer the most cutting-edge visual computing capabilities in the marketplace.

“Audi has long been at the forefront of automotive design, integrating state-of-the-art technology into our vehicles,” said Ricky Hudi, chief executive engineer, electrics/electronics, at Audi. “Our deep relationship with NVIDIA demonstrates how we have consistently stayed ahead of the competition.

“Last year, we introduced the first live Google Earth experience in a car. This year, we are shipping vehicles featuring the Tegra 2 mobile processor. And next year, we will again break new ground with Tegra 3, delivering beautiful, rich visual experiences through the dashboard and the infotainment system. NVIDIA is the clear choice to power our next generation systems.”

The Tegra 3 processor is a complete system-on-a-chip that incorporates a quad-core ARM CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce GPU and dedicated audio, video and image processors. This highly energy efficient, integrated design enables ultra-fast application processing and vibrant 3D graphics, while placing fewer demands on vehicles’ electrical systems.

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