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18 September, 2012 - 08:28 By News Desk

Hyundai expands Ubisense deployment

Ubisense CEO Richard Green

Korean carmaking giant Hyundai has extended its reliance on smart location technology from Ubisense in Cambridge UK.

Ubisense CEO Richard Green has disclosed the expansion of the company’s installation with Hyundai Kia in Asia.

The phase two expansion follows the success of the pilot installation deployed just two months ago to the carmaker’s assembly line manufacturing plant in South Korea.

Ubisense technology is now being used by eight of the world’s top 15 automotive manufacturers.

Green said Hyundai’s decision to increase its Real Time Location Solutions installation reinforced the original deployment decision and emphasised the growing traction Ubisense’s solution was receiving around the world.

He said: “We took the decision to expand into the Asia Pacific region to focus initially on the automotive industry, within which South Korea represents a significant opportunity. We are therefore particularly pleased to strengthen our relationship with Hyundai Kia further.

“Ubisense now supplies RTLS products and solutions to eight of the top 15 automotive manufacturers globally. Hyundai Kia is a great example of the way in which our customers start using our products, subsequently rapidly request further coverage across the original plant, and then to the rest of their plants globally.

“By building such close relationships, we continue to innovate and increase the value we add to our customers over the long term.”

Ubisense’s RTLS solution is already deployed under a global licence agreement with BMW and installed in its plants across Europe, Asia and North America.

Ubisense offers two location-oriented products; RTLS (Real-time Location Solutions) and Geospatial Systems and operates in a number of industries ranging from manufacturing and utilities to telecommunications and is used by a number of blue chip customers across the world, such as BMW, Airbus, Aston Martin, Caterpillar and Deutsche Telekom.

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