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20 February, 2014 - 11:16 By News Desk

Cambridge Wireless SIG to drive transport change

Andrew Ashby, Business Development Manager, Plextek Consulting

Cambridge Wireless has appointed four champions for its recently launched ‘Automotive and Transport’ Special Interest Group (SIG).

The SIG aims to bring the automotive and transport industries closer to the technologists and innovators that can make the next generation of connected vehicles and highways a reality.

The champions chosen by Cambridge Wireless are Andrew Ashby of Plextek Consulting, Tom Blackie of RealVNC, John Okas of Real Wireless and Nigel Wall from Climate Associates.

The quartet will look to improve the flow of new ideas and technologies already applied successfully in other industry sectors, into the automotive and transport community, as well as encourage further innovation and collaboration in the automotive supply chain.

The Cambridge Wireless SIG was formed to support and promote discussion of new opportunities to deliver the first generations of fully connected vehicles, autonomous transport systems and supporting infrastructure. While technologies are continuously being developed to realise these concepts, the industry still faces challenges in terms of the needs for international standards, effective data security and ownership of liabilities.

The inaugural SIG meeting will take place at Hethel Innovation on Thursday May 15. The first discussion will take a ‘State of the Nation’ look at the automotive sector. Confirmed speakers at the event are Roger Lanctot (Associate Director, Strategy Analytics), Mike Short (Vice President, Telefonica) and Ireri Ibarra (Functional Safety Consultant, MIRA).

Andrew Ashby, Business Development Manager, Plextek Consulting commented: “The aim of the SIG is to stimulate discussion around the flow of innovation in the automotive and transport sector to create a view on how the community feels it can move forward with the next generation of connected vehicles and transport systems.

“At Plextek Consulting, we help develop technologies and designs that can be used for different applications in a variety of industries and feel this cross-pollination of ideas can benefit the automotive and transport industry.”

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Andrew Ashby, Plextek Consulting

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