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4 June, 2014 - 21:34 By News Desk

CSR-California alliance means seamless connected car experience


A Cambridge-California alliance between UK wireless business CSR and Abalta Technologies is driving connected car technology into the fast lane.

Abalta’s connected car solution, WEBLINK®, will be integrated with CSR’s highly advanced SiRFprimaII™ in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) location, connectivity and multimedia SOC (system-on-a-chip).

As a result, CSR is able to provide its customers and OEMs with a leading automotive platform optimised for display audio applications, allowing consumers to have a consistently immersive user experience over the full lifecycle of their vehicles as WEBLINK is smartphone agnostic. The solution is available immediately.

Abalta’s WEBLINK technology enables IVI systems to render smartphone applications and utilise the smartphone browser. This enables a user’s phone to become the primary computing device, with the vehicle head unit acting as a ‘terminal’ to the phone.

As a result, such systems no longer need a web browser and, as the vehicle ages, it will take advantage of the ever increasing power and capability of future smartphones as drivers swap out their old phones for new ones during the life of the vehicle. IVI systems can therefore be greatly simplified and built at a lower cost.

CSR says the increased processing power provided to the head unit by the smartphone, combined with the advanced video decoding capabilities of SiRFprimaII, means that there is no distortion to the images or icons being displayed.

This meets the safety guidelines for automotive UIs set by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other regulatory bodies. Driver distraction is minimised as they need never look at their smartphone screen while on the road.

Anthony Murray, senior VP in the Business Group at CSR, said: “Automotive OEMs and their tier one suppliers have been struggling for some time with finding the most optimal way to enable the use of smartphone based applications in the car.

“The challenge has been to marry the increasing functionality and power of the smartphone with in-vehicle safety demands to provide an ideal user experience while driving.

“WEBLINK meets the goals of optimal delivery of applications and services to the driver, allowing them to take full advantage of the fast-changing and increasing functionality of smartphones.

“The SiRFprimaII platform is designed to be a highly scalable, flexible, long-term and cost-effective solution for OEMs. By adding WEBLINK, we are ultimately broadening the appeal of the platform to a global customer base.”

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