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5 November, 2009 - 14:56 By News Desk

IfM to help make Australia a world leader in green vehicles

The Australian government has turned to Cambridge University to help plan the long term future of the country's automotive industry.

The Victorian State government and the central Australian government have approached the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) to help create a strategic plan for the country's car industry which can define its long-term future.

Working with the Australian Auto Cooperative Research Centre, the Australian National University, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Victorian government, a team from the IfM and its consultative arm, Education Consultancy Services, looked at current and future trends in the global car industry.The results have just been published in a new report, Automotive Australia 2020 Vision.Its aim is to map the technology and manufacturing capabilities and development opportunities for the country's automotive industry from now to 2025 and beyond.The report is just the first part of a six phase project to develop a roadmap for the industry. The first phase seeks to establish a firm vision for the future direction of the industry with subsequent stages looking at issues such as domestic and global market needs and identifying strategic opportunities.The work forms part of the Australian government's New Car Plan for a Greener Future, which is to provide AUS$6.2 billion (£3.4bn) of investment to reshape the country's car industry.Among early suggestions is the possibility that Australia could become a world leader in green low-emission vehicles -­ such as electric or hydrogen-powered cars.Dominic Oughton, a senior industrial fellow at the IfM (pictured above), said: "We were asked to come on board to bring our experience of developing strategies at the sector and national levels using IfM's well-developed roadmapping approach and experienced facilitators."The support from stakeholders across the industry has been hugely encouraging and has been delivered with a real spirit of collaboration."

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