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29 September, 2006 - 10:31 By Staff Reporter

New product for Tristel

Tristel in Newmarket, which uses proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry to create instrument and surface disinfectants, has launched the second product in its Fusion burstable sachet range. Tristel Fusion for Surfaces allows the high-level disinfection of floors, walls and general hard surfaces in hospitals. Fusion for Surfaces uses chlorine dioxide as its active ingredient, combined with a highly effective cleaning system.

Unlike widely used chlorine-releasing compounds, Tristel Fusion is ready with just a single dilution. One sachet poured into five litres of water produces a sporicidal solution that requires only a short contact time, and which will deal with all kinds of outbreak. It completely eliminates any need to prepare disinfectants of various strengths, which with other systems means using different numbers of chlorine tablets according to the nature of the outbreak or the level of disinfection required.

Tristel Fusion for Surfaces simplifies the disinfection and cleaning process and removes the risk of human error. Not only does it permit cleaning and disinfection of hospital wards to be carried out to the highest standard with one universal application, it offers a cost effective alternative to chlorine releasing compounds.

Also available in the Tristel range is Tristel Duo Foamer which applies a chlorine dioxide sporicidal foam to near-patient equipment. The combination of Tristel Fusion for Surfaces and Tristel Duo gives hospitals the most effective response to Clostridium difficile outbreaks.

The cornerstone of the Tristel product range is a patented chlorine dioxide chemistry used to sterilise medical, dental and veterinary instruments. In 1998, the business that became Tristel acquired all worldwide rights to this chemistry. The principal operating subsidiary of the group was established at this time to exploit the UK market and Tristel has become the leading supplier of liquid chemical sterilising solutions to UK hospitals.

The recently introduced Tristel Wipe is the world’s first rapid action sporicidal wipe. It incorporates Tristel’s patented chlorine dioxide chemistry and can kill all organisms on a pre-cleaned surface, from which soil and organic matter have been removed, with a contact time of only 30 seconds. The Tristel Generator and Tristel Duo are the latest addition to the company’s range of products and services.

Tristel plc was admitted to trading on AIM on 1 June 2005.

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