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9 May, 2007 - 10:53 By Staff Reporter

Really vital statistics measure up

Even serious scientists are allowed to let their minds wander from their core research occasionally – purely in the interests of keeping abreast of developments in wider society. There are figures and figures, of course, and a maths formula devised by a team of Cambridge scientists has just ‘diagnosed’ the perfect pin-up girl.

Cambridge firm Pronostics usually applies its computer modelling software to power its revolutionary medical diagnostic tests for coronoary disease or cancer.

After hundreds of hours of computer modelling, the scientists confirmed that the perfect pin-up girl should have a large bust. But pertness rather than size was preferred by men used in the study.

The first half of the formula describes the perfect face: FL and FW are the length and width of the face, so this equation tells us men prefer rounder faces to long and thin ones. Eye colour, denoted by the letter c, is also important with darker eyes adding to the sex appeal.

But hair colour doesn’t seem to matter. So perhaps gentlemen don’t really prefer blondes. Hd in the formula refers to the length of the forehead – and small is good.

The other half of the formula describes the perfect body. BL and BW are the length and width of the breasts. A small waist (W) is good, but so are narrower hips (H).

“What’s not in the formula is almost as interesting as what’s in it,” said Dr Grainger. “Lips, often thought of as important for a sexy look, didn’t make an impact at all.

“Nothing we could measure about the shape of the nose or mouth were important for determining sex appeal. Just about any nose and mouth can be sexy if everything else is right!”

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