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25 November, 2011 - 09:21 By Jamie Quested

Dotcom for doctors gets cash injection

Doctorpreneurs founder, Dr Claire Novorol

A Cambridge healthcare startup launched only two months ago has secured funding from the Health Foundation.

Through its website, Doctorpreneurs is building a network of doctors who are passionate about leading change in healthcare, creating new opportunities and driving innovation.

Earlier this month Doctorpreneurs was awarded a place on the Health Foundation’s ‘Supporting Networks’ pilot programme, providing the startup with ten days of expert faculty input to help develop and build the network and £3,000 of funding for networking events.

Doctorpreneurs founder, Dr Claire Novorol, said: “The aim of Doctorpreneurs is to encourage medics to think entrepreneurially about the way they work. To become innovators and leaders of positive change. This could be within a large organisation such as the NHS or it could involve starting an independent venture, taking on leadership roles or seeking out less-traditional career paths, within or outside of the NHS.

“By showcasing the innovative projects and careers of real-life doctorpreneurs, we look to inspire medics to consider how they might get involved in driving forward fresh ideas to impact patient care.

“Our team of contributors will publish regular articles on a wide range of relevant topics, from Clinical Leadership through to Business Education and Startup Advice. I will be interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders of change about their own career paths. I will also be posting regular news, views and articles via the blog.”

Doctorpreneurs is in the process of growing its team and establishing new collaborations with several entrepreneurial individuals and organisations.  

With the support of the Health Foundation, Doctorpreneurs aims to expand the network over the next few months, build strong partnerships and hold a range of events to educate and connect those interested in healthcare entrepreneurship.

Doctorpreneurs will be holding networking events in Cambridge and London, beginning in 2012, and Dr Novorol is encouraging people interested in attending these to claire [at] (get in touch) with suggestions as to the kind of events they would like to see hosted.

Talking about the inspiration behind Doctorpreneurs, Dr Novorol, a Fellow on the Wellcome Trust PhD Programme for Clinicians at the University of Cambridge,  said: “I have become increasingly fascinated by the multitude of possibilities that lie outside of our more traditional career paths and established medical hierarchies.

“It seems to me that many medics are bored and frustrated with the linear career tracks we are encouraged to follow; all racing towards the inevitable destination of consultant in the shortest time possible. By contrast, taking the path less trodden, and creating unique opportunities in one’s career, can be pivotal in achieving true long-term success, engagement and fulfillment.

“I have seen numerous examples of brave career moves and unconventional routes leading to exceptional achievement. Frequently, these are the people receiving the greatest degrees of recognition from senior leaders in their field. They seek out opportunities, drive change and really make a difference.”

The Health Foundation is an independent charity whose work aims to continuously improve the quality of healthcare in the UK. Working at all levels of the healthcare system, they aim to develop the technical skills, leadership, capacity, knowledge and ‘will for change’ essential for real and lasting improvement.


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