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6 February, 2012 - 15:09 By News Desk

TeraView expands in US to target Big Pharma

Don Arnone

Cambridge based technology company TeraView is ramping up capability in the US ready for a huge push on North America’s Big Pharma market.

CEO Don Arnone reveals that the company, which has just raised $5.5 million of new investment, is expanding its capabilities in the States to include the installation of a TPI imager 2000 tablet imaging system at a lab facility in IDCAST in Dayton, Ohio.

The system will be available for demonstrations or rental and will give TeraView the ability to offer locally supplied contract analysis to US pharmaceutical companies.

Arnone said the system will operate in parallel with the TPI imaga 2000 in the company’s Cambridge, UK facility.

TeraView is recognised as world leader in the development of terahertz systems to solve industrial problems.

TeraView says its Contract analysis product gives Pharma companies access to Terahertz technology and data to assist in the development of new products or to help resolve quality issues particularly at scale-up.

It works in close collaboration with the client company to understand the issues and then carries out product testing using its proprietary terahertz technology.

The aim is to provide unique terahertz data that helps solve the particular problem. Terahertz imaging is non-destructive so further sample testing can be carried out and correlations built up between terahertz data and (as an example) dissolution performance or coating process parameters.

In this way the client company gets access to terahertz data without the capital investment in a tablet imager or spectrometer.

TeraView is inviting companies interested in the Contract analysis services to visit the website


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