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13 August, 2014 - 11:54 By Tony Quested

Cambridge-Canada assault on harmful drug side effects

Cambridge Technology is now gone into the Cloud

A cutting edge alliance between MedTech specialists in Cambridge UK and Canada is taking technology to eliminate harmful side effects of medicinal drugs into the Cloud.

Cambridge Cognition has joined forces for the new venture with existing partner, Toronto-based Altreos Research Partners Inc.

Cambridge Cognition specialises in computerised neuropsychological tests including those enabling the acceleration of safe and effective medicines in drug development. Altreos provides scientific, regulatory and operational input on abuse liability assessments for new chemical entities (NCEs) and abuse deterrent formulations.

They have launched the expanded scientific partnership following the release of two draft FDA guidelines on human abuse liability assessments on drugs and abuse-deterrent products.

Drugs with abuse potential include compounds that either affect the Central Nervous System, are chemically or pharmacologically similar to other drugs with known abuse potential or exhibit psychoactive effects such as sedation, euphoria or mood change.

There has been an increased demand for ways of assessing the human abuse potential of NCEs. That has triggered the new initiative to develop and supply scientific software that will identify the potential for cognitive impairment caused by NCEs and identify new abuse-deterrent products.

Altreos has been involved in the design and evaluation of over 100 Phase 1 studies, including more than 50 abuse liability studies, as well as first-in-man, pharmacokinetic, drug/alcohol interaction and proof of concept studies.

At the core of the abuse liability studies, cognitive assessment is undertaken with the newly launched Cloud abuse liability product, CTIS-AL from Cambridge Cognition.

Scott Goss, chief commercial officer at Cambridge Cognition said: “This is an exciting development in a relationship that has grown significantly in the last year. The aim of the partnership is to maximise the combined benefits of Altreos' knowledge and experience with Cambridge Cognition's industry leading solutions for delivering computerised abuse liability tests to pharmaceutical companies assessing the abuse potential of their product.

“The Altreos team has already contributed their knowledge and expertise to the development of Cambridge Cognition’s newly launched Cloud abuse liability product, CTIS-AL. As part of the partnership, Altreos will continue to support Cambridge Cognition in ensuring that CTIS-AL remains the market leading solution for performing computerised abuse liability studies globally.

“In addition, Cambridge Cognition clients will now have access to Altreos’ broad range of consulting services to support them in the planning of their abuse liability studies.”

Dr Megan Shram of Altreos Research Partners, added: “Given the importance of the human abuse liability study in the interpretation of overall abuse potential – or deterrence – we need to be confident that study results are reliable and accurate.

“With an appropriately designed study and a platform such as CTIS-AL we can be increasingly assured that the data are of high quality and can be meaningfully interpreted.”

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