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4 April, 2018 - 12:46 By Kate Sweeney

Arm leads digital health masterclass in Cambridge

Cambridge technology icon Arm is spearheading a major new event launched by Cambridge Network and life science thought leader MedImmune to explore how digital health technologies could improve the lot of respiratory disease sufferers.

As a bonus, companies developing healthcare solutions based on digital technology, can win mentoring opportunities and £20k from MedImmune, AstraZeneca’s biologics division.

Entries for the Digital Health Challenge are open now and winners will be announced at the Cambridge summit on April 17 at the Hauser Forum.

Claire Ruskin, CEO of Cambridge Network says: “The event will explore where digital health could have an impact in generating novel endpoints that give greater insight into respirator disease progression and management.”

The keynote talk will be given by Arm on Enabling Digital Health, with supporting talks from Owlstone Medical, Mologic and Pneumacare along with the finalists from the Digital Health Challenge.

Jane Osbourn, VP of R & D at MedImmune will introduce the event followed by René van der Merwe, VP Clinical Respiratory, MedImmune.

Arm’s director of healthcare technologies, Peter Ferguson, will give the keynote address. Mobile technology is fully integrated into our daily lives; so how do we translate this into smart digital devices for proactive healthcare and pharmaceutical advancement? 

His presentation will challenge and discuss the barriers that exist to realising the full benefits of patient connectivity at scale and show how digital health will impact our not-so-distant future.

Billy Boyle, founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical, will talk about the company’s revolutionary Breath Biopsy technology and the role of VOCs biomarkers in early detection and precision medicine. He says: “Every time you breathe out there are thousand of chemicals on your breath called volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

“Some of these VOCs are biomarkers of disease in everything ranging from cancer to inflammatory and infectious disease. We’ll discuss how Breath Biopsy technology can be used in early detection and precision medicine applications.”

Professor Paul Davis, chief scientific officer of Mologic, will talk about ‘The message in the bottle…….of urine!’

He says: “Most of the biomarkers we find in urine originate in the lungs and are processed through the kidneys. Consequently, we can learn much about what’s going in the lungs and how the kidneys are responding to the presence of high levels of inflammatory mediators (including proteases) escaping from the lung into the blood. 

“Mologic is busy developing ways to accurately determine the biomarker profiles by simple, patient-friendly technology, and to translate the resultant digital health data into simple diagnostic conclusions and triggering of interventions.”

Paul Reynard, COO of Pneumacare, is next up: PneumaCare’s mission is to provide revolutionary imaging technologies that increase efficient and effective patient care with a vision of becoming the market leader in non-contact, non-invasive imaging technology.

PneumaCare is a Cambridgeshire-based company providing clinicians with unique non-invasive ways of observing active, real-time regional respiratory function via chest wall movement.

It provides the capability for clinicians to assess respiratory function in all patients including previous inaccessible groups, whether young or old, conscious or unconscious, sitting or lying down; and its use does not require any contact or direct interaction with the patient.

The talks will be followed by the Digital Health Technology Challenge for Entrepreneurs. Five finalists will have a chance to win the grand prize by presenting to a panel of prominent industry funding experts and executives, namely: Jane Osbourn and Rene van der Merwe of MedImmune; Andy Williams, VP of Strategy and Operations at AstraZeneca; Debu Purkayastha, managing partner at 3rd Eye Capital and  Andrew Chapman, Digital Health Sector lead, Digicatapult.

• For more details on the competition and the event in which it is showcased you can contact organiser Louise Rushworth on 01223 760102 or via email – louise.rushworth [at]

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