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3 May, 2019 - 11:06 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge enabler celebrates Salomé’s miracle

CBM Salomé

A Rwandan woman has today seen her grandson for the first time after being rescued from blindness by Cambridge charity CBM UK.

CBM enabled and financed a cataracts operation for Salomé who has returned home burning with anticipation to see the hills, her neighbours and her older grandchildren. All the things she has missed for so long.

CBM’s Rosi Jack reports back to Business Weekly: “It is such a privilege to witness the moment Salomé is able to see her grandson for the first time, after being needlessly blind for years.

“Arriving at the hospital examination room this morning for her follow-up check, she walked confidently in and sat down. It’s a huge change from Monday, when she was led in and had to feel her way to find the seat of the chair.”  

“I can see even better with this one!” Salomé exclaimed as the patch was removed from her left eye – a successful surgery which gives her the opportunity to carry out basic tasks that many of us take for granted, like cooking and eating with a spoon. 

For two years Salomé had been blind due to cataracts; they can be removed with straightforward surgery but Salomé had been unable to make the long journey to the nearest hospital that could operate. The cost of the bus fare was more she and her daughter could afford. 

Then CBM stepped in and Salomé’s story has been followed online throughout this week through regular updates on the operation. The next few days are also critical for CBM and its efforts to help more people like Salomé.

Salomé’s journey was featured as part of CBM’s See the Way appeal, where the UK government will double all public donations made until May 14. 

Donations will support CBM’s work preventing blindness and transforming lives wherever the need is greatest. Match funding from the UK government will improve access to sight-saving eye-health services in Rwanda.

Business Weekly is a partner in the initiative and we are urging companies and employees to dig deep in the last few days of the fundraising effort. 

To donate, visit

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