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12 May, 2020 - 12:21 By Tony Quested

Cambridge entrepreneur leads debate on AI’s rising role in healthcare

The role of data and Artificial Intelligence in tackling challenges arising in the coronavirus pandemic is in the spotlight in a Women in Technology webinar on Wednesday May 13 – presented by Dr Loubna Bouarfa of OKRA Technologies in Cambridge and Bayer digital doyen Ipek Ozsuer.

The webinar title is: ‘COVID-19 as the Accelerator of AI Adoption in Healthcare: Why is this the right time for AI?’ It takes place from 15:30 – 16:30 BST.

Fleshing out the message, the life sciences industry is going the extra mile to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. However, traditional responses are simply not enough to tackle the challenges we are facing. During this crisis, experts have realised the importance of data and AI to support healthcare and lay the foundations for long-term prosperity.

So, what is the role of data and AI in this crisis? How can AI support the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against COVID-19? More broadly, will this be the start of a digital revolution in healthcare?

Loubna Bouarfa is a machine learning scientist turned entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of OKRA Technologies – an AI data analytics company for healthcare. 

OKRA allows healthcare professionals to combine all their data in one place and generate evidence-based insights in real time, to save and improve human lives.

Loubna is currently a member of the European Union High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, where she is particularly focused on healthcare and achieving competitive business impact with AI. 

She was named an MIT Technology Review Top Innovator Under 35, a Forbes 50 Top Women In Tech, and recently won the prize for Best Female-Led Startup at the StartUp Europe Awards. On a personal level, she is a strong advocate for diversity, women and challenging the status quo.

Ipek Ozsuer is head of Digital Transformation & IT Enabling Functions at Bayer. On top of her current role, Ipek is the sponsor of Driving Data as an Asset enabler, one of the fiver enablers within Bayer’s Digital Agenda, aiming to accelerate Bayer’s journey to be a data driven company. 

Prior to this role, Ipek managed Data and Analytics team globally within IT providing data management, BI and Analytics solutions across Bayer’s businesses and functions. 

Prior to joining Bayer, Ipek worked for Hewlett Packard and Procter & Gamble. With more than 20 years of experience, she has held a variety of positions both in global, regional and country organisations. She comes to the webinar armed with a top computer science degree.

To sign up for the webinar visit the Women in Technology website.

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