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27 August, 2021 - 21:30 By Tony Quested

CCL alliance fast-tracks prostate cancer test

Cambridge Clinical Laboratories (CCL) will be the UK partner for Prostatype Genomics in bringing the Prostatype® prostate cancer gene test to the UK market.

CCL will now offer the Prostatype® prostate cancer gene test in its own labs, as well as promoting the test to uro-oncological facilities all over UK and Ireland.

Prostatype®'s unique system identifies the genetic fingerprint of cancer by measuring information from cancer stem cell genes. 

The gene expressions together with other clinical parameters such as PSA, Gleason and Tumor stage are entered into the Classification of Prostatic Malignancy Algorithm (CPMA) software that is linked to a unique patient data base. 

The software calculates the so-called P-score that provides a measure of how aggressive the cancer is, which facilitates the choice of optimal treatment for the patient.

Dr Anthony Cooke, CEO of CCL, said: “The Prostatype® test, identifying the genetic fingerprint of cancer, is exactly the kind of smart and innovative solution we want to introduce, implement and drive.”

Prostatype Genomics CEO, Fredrik Persson, added: “We are very happy to be working together with Cambridge Clinical Laboratories which has an impressive reputation for constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to finding new technologies and smart solutions that create value for healthcare and help patients. Stepping into these new and exciting markets, this agreement will be key.”

CCL started its journey as Lab 21 in 2005. The objective was to be a lab for the 21st century – one that would be an early adopter of new technologies for diagnostics – to offer personalised medicine, quality service and introduce novel technologies and assays to help UK healthcare.  

Since the company laumched, more than 99,000 tests have been carried out and over 400 customers supported. In 2018 CCL became UKAS accredited to the ISO15189 standard for medical laboratories. 

CCL provides healthcare professionals worldwide with the most advanced oncology and virology testing services from its UKAS accredited facilities in the heart of Cambridge. Since March 2019, CCL has also provided Covid-19 testing services. 

Moving forward the plan is to concentrate on how CCL can support the NHS to recover, look at what new technologies can be introduced to the UK market, and how CCL can help individuals take personal responsibility for their health.

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