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15 June, 2021 - 09:28 By Tony Quested

Culture and kindness key to finding life science talent

Speaker Tony jones, CEO of One Nucleus

People issues in the life sciences are being discussed by industry experts in Cambridge at a virtual event tomorrow (June 16).

People, innovation and the ‘kindness economy’ is being held online from 11-12pm.

Speakers are Harriet Fear, Director: Cambridge&; One nucleus CEO Tony Jones; Dr Kristin-Anne Rutter, Executive Director of Cambridge University Health Partners and Matt Clark – risk management partner at Partners&.

The aim of the virtual event is to help companies create the right environment for people – and innovation – to thrive.

You can register at

Issues under debate are many and varied, including access to talent. Is our ecosystem generating a long-term pipeline? With huge demand for talent in the Cambridge cluster, where people are hired from is a hot topic.

The debate will ask: Is a global remote workforce an opportunity or a competition? Behavioural change in the workforce is also on the agenda: How do nextgen employees envisage the workplaces and work patterns of the future?

How we design inclusive cultures around new ways of working is also central to the debate. Speakers will address whether culture and kindness are now even more important and relevant – cultures where it’s safe to challenge and where kindness is a business imperative.

Is geography important any more? Environmental attitudes are increasingly governing employment options – from the sides of bosses and the talent they are seeking to hire.

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – majors on the agenda. Investors are increasingly applying non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

What happens to innovation without water cooler chats and the serendipity of “being in the right place”?

The role ESG plays in recruitment is therefore a key issue on the table. The panel will challenge: Can we afford to ignore this agenda? They will also build in the issue of the risk to company reputations and director liabilities if ESG is not part of the hiring debate.

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