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14 January, 2022 - 14:04 By Tony Quested extends ‘commercial brain’ alliance with Bristol Myers Squibb in Cambridge has revealed a fresh uptick to a fruitful partnership with Big Pharma company Bristol Myers Squibb, the New York City-based global company turning over around $40 billion a year.

The partners are leveraging OKRA’s ‘commercial brain’ – artificial intelligence technology that powers analytics for life science enterprises. has been working with Bristol Myers Squibb since 2018, deploying technology that enables connectivity and interrogation of multiple data sets to support decision making.

Bristol Myers Squibb is leveraging to support future customer engagement. The collaboration has already proved highly successful in bringing together multiple data sources and generating intelligent insights for commercial teams while delivering unparalleled levels of automation for the American company. 

Last year, and Bristol Myers Squibb expanded use of the system to new markets and will continue to work together and explore further expansion opportunities in 2022.

Loubna Bouarfa, CEO of said: “We’re very excited to announce the work with Bristol Myers Squibb. We started in 2018 and have been continuously validating the benefit and accuracy of our insights with the team.

“This journey has seen us deploy a fully automated portal that uses vast amounts of data and not rules to support dynamic decision making across the commercial organisation.

“We continue to educate the industry on what it means to truly have an AI brain where automation, data pipelines, accuracy, explainability and transparency are fundamental to success and Bristol Myers Squibb has fully embraced this with us.”

As a company applying AI to all stages of the drug lifecycle: market access, medical and commercial, and with the pharmaceutical industry under unprecedented pressure to deliver value at speed, high quality, explainable Artificial Intelligence has become an essential companion for busy professionals.

The Cambridge company has developed the ‘OKRA Engine’, an AI engine that is driving predictions, suggestions and reasons in real time to empower users to make smarter decisions with evidence based outputs. 

It predicts further expansion opportunities throughout  European Union countries in 2022 and has offices in The Netherlands as well as Cambridge which act as springboards for EU and wider expansion.

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