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25 June, 2021 - 21:27 By Tony Quested

POCKiT Diagnostics discovers novel combination of biomarkers for stroke detection

Cambridge company POCKiT Diagnostics has validated a blood test for the rapid detection of the large vessel occlusion (LVO) subtype of strokes with 95 per cent accuracy.

Supported in part by an Innovate UK grant in collaboration with Newcastle University and Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust, the company has identified and validated a novel combination of blood-based biomarkers in a large series of patients.

In so doing it has generated findings that will facilitate the early detection of critical LVO stroke patients. The results of this study have just been published in the journal Diagnostics.

Acute ischemic stroke caused by LVOs is a major contributor to stroke death and disability. Unfortunately the rapid identification of LVO remains challenging thereby hindering patient care and clinical outcomes. 

To address this, POCKiT Diagnostics recruited two cohorts of suspected stroke patients and screened a novel panel of blood-derived biomarkers aimed at LVO detection. 

Diagnostic performance was estimated using these biomarkers in combination with NIHSS-derived stroke severity scales. The research found that the combination of D-dimer and GFAP with stroke scales may provide a simple and highly accurate tool facilitating the prompt diagnosis of LVO patients.

POCKiT Diagnostics was founded in 2017 by a group of dedicated students and entrepreneurs in Cambridge, among them Gonzalo Ladreda who is CEO.

Launching on its journey, the company benefited from engagement with the Accelerate Program at Cambridge Judge Business School, won significant grant funding from Innovate UK and raised a pre-seed round of £205k.

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